Why you Need to Choose a Responsive HTML Website over an App


Building apps are all the rage now. But, the same is rather exaggerated. An app alone cannot meet your digital needs.

Yes, it’s got benefits that might seem convincing and better than a responsive HTML website. However, when it comes to business, it might not be the right choice for you.

Just think about this – how many apps did you download last month, or maybe last week? None? Don’t be surprised; you belong to the majority!

Here’s Some Statistical Data you Might Want to Consider:

Statistic Data of App Downloader

Source: musicxtechxfuture.com

Tech-savvy digital natives might heap praise on apps calling them the most advanced way of business marketing and generating leads. However, such programs are self-contained and ‘designed to fulfill just a particular purpose.’

Even Google defines them that way.

Furthermore, isn’t it weird to develop an app without having at least a single, simple page live on the Internet?

Mobile Apps are Useful ONLY under Two Circumstances:

Considering that an average smartphone user installs (and actually uses) less than 10 apps, it is advisable to say no to app development for your business.

Instead, go for a Responsive HTML Website!

The need to adapt to mobile is now paramount for every business. Fitting your website content into mobile devices through Responsive HTML website is beneficial, especially in developing countries like India, as it saves time and money.


It requires a single development process to let your website be viewed on modern browsers – both web and mobile. Adhering to OS guidelines or awaiting OS permissions isn’t required in this process because this website isn’t going to be distributed through app stores anyway. Also, compatibility and accessibility wise, a mobile responsive website fares better any day, anytime.

The Benefits of a Mobile Website can be Summarized in These Six Points:

  • 1. Instant availability via browsers across a range of devices without the need to download.
  • 2. Cross-browser compatibility without the need of separate versions.
  • 3. Hassle-free integration within mobile technologies like SMS, QR Codes and NFC.
  • 4. Easy upgradability without the need to push the updates to users.
  • 5. Easy findability in search engine results and hence, broader reach
  • 6. Cost-effectiveness when it comes to development, support and maintenance

To Sum it up…

The “app vs web” debate is going to be a long and exhausting one, given the usage of mobile only seems to be growing. It would be safe to say the choice will depend on the end goals of a business.

If your aim is to create a strong mobile presence, be discovered on search engines and engage your target audience by regularly delivering content, a mobile website should be your choice. However, if your intention is to keep your content static without any major update, (think gaming) an app should be your priority.

Choose wisely.

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