Social Media: Not an Option, but a Business Imperative


Science advocates the importance of ‘being social’ as an advantage. When you belong to a cohesive society, you enjoy the strength of numbers, especially in times of distress or need. This happens in the real world.

Well, the scene is no different in the virtual world.

As a netizen, you need to gather the support of fellow netizens so you aren’t left out. And, if you happen to own a business, this automatically becomes an imperative.

Why is Social Media Important for Business?

Let’s discuss the reasons.

1. To Improve Brand Awareness

To be honest, word-of-mouth isn’t enough anymore. You cannot go about telling every other person you meet how wonderful your trade is.

Your business needs to be online and, without fail, on social media. Why? Because such platforms have user bases that are massive! Greater the audience reach, better is the brand recognition.

social network graphSource: statista

2. To Enhance Brand Loyalty

Your presence on social media helps your target audience to find and connect with you more easily. Remember, the primary goal of any business is to build a loyal customer base, and this begins with how you strive for healthier customer satisfaction.

Social media makes a great way to directly communicate with your audience, resolve problems and win their trust.

3. To Drive Traffic

Not just traffic, but targeted traffic! Social media platforms help you reach a broader, untapped segment of the people who are really interested in your business and actively making queries related to what you do.

In short, such platforms help you bring in visitors you want to attract, thus boosting targeted traffic in the process.

4. To Understand your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is the key to successful marketing. Imagine a beauty product salesman in the middle of a deep forest. Will he make any sale at all?

Social media gives you the opportunity to understand who’s looking for what and draw people’s attention to your business and online content.

5. To Engage Visitors

How potential customers engage with your products and services is a blanket metric for evaluating your business performance (although it doesn’t necessarily define sales).

Social media acts as a catalyst for post likes, comments, shares and follows, which later could translate to sales. It is important to keep your visitors engaged to show that your trade is still alive and running.

6. To Convert Viewers into Customers

These platforms make a fantastic tool to increase conversions. You get to promote your content, engage visitors, directly communicate with them and drive them toward a sale. Where lack of trust might kill conversions, social media helps you prove your business as a trustful entity.

7. To Increase Sales and ROI

70% of B2C marketers say they acquired customers through social media. 84% of company CEOs and VPs reveal that such platforms play a key role in helping with purchasing decisions.

Yes, you can persuade your customer at multiple points in the sales process, addressing pain points and influencing their buying decisions. Once the trust is built, you can make the best use of such platforms to increase sales and ROI. That’s a royal way of slaying competition!

8. To Boost SEO and Visibility

Last, but not the least, social media helps in improving your SEO attempts as well. Google clearly states it considers “social signals” while ranking web pages.

Although social shares have zero impact on how your website ranks, your business profile on such platforms is likely to rank in the top 10 results if you do the branding correctly. This has a direct impact on your brand’s visibility, which matters above all.

Is your Business Social Media Ready?

For business owners, jumping on the social media bandwagon is no longer an option; it’s an imperative. You trade is craving for it.

Understand. Take the measures. Engage today.

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