Why is Local SEO Important for Small Businesses in 2018?

local seo

If you’ve ever considered digital marketing for your website, you’ve surely heard about Local SEO. You’ve been probably told it’s important. But, did anyone explain how it affects business? No? Let’s break it down to you.

Begin with the basics of Local SEO

Say, you have a business that needs to be found online by people looking for it in a certain location. To that end, you work toward promoting the visibility of your online presence in a location-specific way.

You specify geo qualifiers such as the state, city, block, road and zip code where people are actively searching for your products or services. When you do this, you attract Google’s attention and your business is displayed in search results in that particular area. This is how local SEO works.

Why on Earth is it Important?

Consider these statistical data first:

  • 95% smartphone users look online for local businesses in their vicinity. 61% contact the businesses that show up. 59% visit the businesses in person.
  • 70% of smartphone users prefer to contact a business directly using the details found in Google search results.

Location-based queries, therefore, are a leeway to potential customers, the number of which is huge. This is definitely shows businesses the way to better and higher conversions.

Understanding Google Local 3-Pack

It is a coveted spot every business wants to show up on. Not many days ago, Google SERPs would show a snippet of seven best businesses in response to location-specific searches. This Local 7-Pack would contain physical addresses, contact details, and directions for each business.

However, respecting the rising use of smartphones and the demand for better user experience, the search engine giant conveniently trimmed it to just 3 best results. Thus was born Local 3-Pack in 2018. The question remains, why is it so coveted?

Here’s the answer: 44% people who rely on Local 3-Pack, prefer to click on any three of the listed businesses. Only 8% go ahead and click on ‘more local results.’ Need we say more?

How to Improve your Local SEO?

  • Update your address in Google My Business and any other online directory you can find. The more you brag about it on the Internet, the more likely it is to be found.
  • Stick to the same NAP – Name, Address, Phone number – everywhere. Inconsistencies might lower the chances of your business showing up on Local 3-Pack. For your convenience, choose a tool that can automate the work for you.
  • Count on citations from third-party businesses. Back-linking isn’t mandatory.

Benefits of Local SEO for your Business

  • Your business gets discovered by potential customers, leading to conversions.
  • All the right information is passed on to your target audience along with a call to action, thus making you more trustful in their eyes.
  • If you are a brick and mortar without a website, this is a solid marketing strategy for you.
  • It is a great way to build customer relationships and a strong clientele.

So, are you going local this year?

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