The Role of WordPress in Business Development


With the steady growth of economy, various trades of either big or small dimension have appeared on the screen, especially with a scaling desire to promote the ‘online’ mantra in order to benefit the mass on a larger scale. One such is “WordPress”, which is not only cost effective but awesome in the realm of trade and commerce.

History and Analysis:

“WordPress” is comparatively a recent foray in the business world. Founded by Matt Mullen and Mike Little on 27 May 2003, the ‘step’ has a quality improvement by leaps and bounds. And at present it is a free and open- source content management system based on PHP and MYSQL. Though it is primarily connected with blogging, it supports other types of web content including traditional mailing lists, forum, media galleries and online stores. It stores content, create and publish web pages. In fact it required an apt domain and a hosting site to function in a proper manner.

Themes and Business Encouragement:

The themes are arranged and designed using WordPress standards using PHP, valid HTML and CSS. However, there are two categories viz free and premium and available from market places. But individual WordPress developers can create their own custom themes. On the other hand, it also encourage in business development by following a few easy steps: First, log in to your hosting account. Secondly, visit the control panel; look for WordPress or website icon. Finally choose the domain where you want to install website. It is really awesome and super powerful in creating web pages. It is astounding to note that WordPress users include tutorials, guides, videos, e books and others. In other words, a huge community is involved to boost up the WordPress business arena!

Its huge popularity is evident from the fact that nearly 60 million websites are using it in a quite effective manner. The reasons are obvious. It is easy to install. It may appear to be daunting at the very outset, but in reality it is the most simplified process ever used. And above all doesn’t involve a huge financial investment. Thus it can be stated with confidence that the future is really bright and more dimensions are going to evolve in the world of WordPress and if the ‘track’ is widened a bit, it can even push aside the so called the ‘print world’ journalism in the accepted sense of term.

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