Web Design Process Explained In 7 SIMPLE STEPS!

Often web designers are noticed to dig deep into the web designing process with a little more focus on the technical matters. However, a great website design is not about how you integrate the social media buttons or even slick visuals. It is more about creating website design that aligns with an overarching strategy. This is exactly what you can expect from the website design Kolkata.

A well designed website has in it much more than just aesthetics. They know how to attract more visitors, help people understand the product, tell them about the brand, and do most of the branding through a well create website. However, these kinds of website created by the web design Kolkata mostly have certain indicators like visuals, texts and interactions that make it possible for them to attract more visitors.

The process

Given below is a series of 7 steps that you can accumulate into the web designing process to generate a perfect website:

Goal identification

This is where you have to work with your client to identify the goal and try to fulfill the needs. In short, you have to try to answer to ‘what is the purpose of the website’.

Scope identification

Once you know the goals, you can define the scope of the project that is the features the site can have, the pages it can consist of and the timeline for building them.

Sitemap and wire frame creation

Now start digging into the sitemap along with the defining how the content and features that are already defined in the scope can be interrelated.

Content creation

Now that you have a rough draft already sketched in your mind, start developing content for individual pages. While creating content separately for pages, you have keep in mind the search engine optimization to help keep pages focused to a single topic.

Visual elements

The visual elements will depend more on the client and thereby will vary from person to person. If needed, you can make use of certain tools as well.


Since you have got your pages ready at hand, it is now time to check whether the pages created are workable. Combine manual browsing of the site to get better results.


Once you see everything working as per your set plan, it is time to launch and introduce your site to the whole world.

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