WordPress Can Transform Your Ordinary Website into a Brilliant One


The transformation of WordPress into the most preferred and preeminent open-source platform for developing a website has been phenomenal. Since its inception in 2003, it has become the most preferred platform for developing a website and accounts for 20-25% of all new websites as per research data. Custom WordPress Development in India has been helping top-notch companies to build their brand presence successfully by designing brilliant websites.

Reasons why WordPress has been so popular among the web developers

It is highly cost-effective

WordPress has made easy for building a website that can provide all the essential functionalities at a reasonable cost. Being open-source, it can be readily available to the developers and it has a wide collection of templates suitable for any design requirement. Also, the maintenance and the upkeep experience of the websites built with WordPress can be relatively lower.

It is ready for SEO

The simplicity and the use of constant codes make websites designed with WordPress ideal for Google indexing. The components in each page can be customized and it gives you full control over each page and you can easily decide what page to rank high in Search Engines.

Inbound links

WordPress makes it convenient to earn inbound links to a website and every time a new blog entry is made, it can easily go to an RSS feed. It makes it easier for others to syndicate all the contents across other websites.

Responsive website design

Mobile traffic is overtaking the laptop and desktop traffic very rapidly and it makes it a must to use responsive web design. WordPress makes it possible to use responsive web technology easily and no special websites are required for different devices.

Aggressive content marketing is possible

The need for fresh content is of utmost importance in online marketing and with WordPress theme development services in India, you can do it easily. You update the contents of your site very frequently and quickly in a simple way with WordPress.

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