What kind of marketing strategies Ipsa Technologies have taken to combat the COVID-19 situation

What Kind Of Marketing Strategies Ipsa Technologies Have Taken To Combat The COVID-19 Situation

In this kind of situation, everyone is struggling to give their best. The story does not end here. The main motto is how to survive in this pandemic situation, and digital marketing agencies are no step back from it.

In this particular article, we will see what strategies we have taken to combat this kind of odd situation.

Save and survive

The biggest a part of consumer retention for us and lots of others we’ve spoken with at agencies has been effective communication, flexibility, empathy, and understanding. We have a tendency to nearly lost 2 of our largest within a previous couple of weeks, however, we managed to stay them on our listing by presenting them with various choices for campaigns, budgets, tactics, and suggestions of however they’ll alter their electronic messaging. We have a tendency to additionally collaborated on group action ways in which these shoppers will modification up their producing operations to remain in business. Upon discussion and implementation, each remained as shoppers. although one slightly attenuated their ad pay, the opposite unbroken things going as they were before as a result of they completed that if they force back currently, it should be a downward spiral for his or her business so we’d lose them anyway.

It was all regarding shifting electronic messaging for promoting throughout COVID-19 and managing client expectations. It isn’t as regards to living as agencies and keeping our jobs, it’s regarding serving to our shoppers survive this, as well. Contemplate it a athletics and whereas the opponent is time and different unknown variables, we have a tendency to are all on an identical team.

While we have a tendency to were glad to retain customers currently, we have a tendency to perceive that will not be the case within the coming back weeks as everything is in flux, therefore we have a tendency to aren’t sitting still. We’ve detected of different agencies losing some clients already, particularly if they’re in additionally affected industries, resembling travel and welcome. If your client ought to reduce on budget or engagements, attempt one among the subsequent before creating forceful changes to the said.

Mutual understanding

We’ve been lenient on unpunctual budget changes, propulsion back on campaigns, suspending launches, and a consumer or two once they required many additional days to pay an invoice. As long as there’s an open line of communication and transparency as things are therefore bit and go, day today it’s vital to be way more fluid than usual.

Discussing the budget with the client

If you were coming up with any worth will increase happening in coming back months and had already declared them, you will need to table. If you were discussing budget will increase with a consumer beforehand and it had been tied to your proportion of management fee, you will need to debate this along with your clients likewise and do what’s in their best interest so as to stay them as a consumer.

Think something extraordinary

We’ve recently enforced a “think outside of the box” day and scheduled conferences with our team and with our shoppers to brainstorm so gift concepts from each finish of the spectrum that might probably facilitate U.S.A. stand go in our efforts and to drive leads and retain our clients. These get our team and our shoppers energized, and it’s wonderful what stems through these conversations as we have a tendency to share concepts that we spent the previous day or 2 group action.

These have ranged from making a brand new service giving, testing new channels for business development or advertising a client’s product, or a singular strategic approach for a brand new campaign and cross-promoting it across their varied channels for exaggerated reach and visibility. whereas appetites for testing could also be marginal at this point, CPCs are down across most channels and competition has scaled back, therefore finance within the way forward for your agency and your shoppers business may well be in your best interest if you’re ready to.

Shift the main focus

Sure, it’s regarding the office and needing to survive, however, we have a tendency to additionally need our client to survive. Therefore that’s what we’re that specialize in.

We’ve shifted the main focus from arduous marketing and stressing the options of product to the client or a present recipient and the way they might feel regarding the aforementioned product/service. whereas it’s still early, results are promising for our shoppers.

Stay in touch with your clients

If your agency has been laid low with corona virus, either by having to change your groups to operating remotely, if their account management team has modified in size thanks to layoffs or furloughs, it’s vital to be proactive and to contact every with a customized note to tell them of any changes to their accounts. If your agency is lucky to not have had any changes at this point, except for operating remotely, it might be comforting to tell your shoppers none the less and keep them updated on the standing of your business likewise. It’s a time for trust and collaboration so as for businesses to succeed.

While personalized electronic messaging is best via email, next time you’re on a decision along with your shoppers, put aside your time and add during a discussion regarding this subject on your meeting agenda. otherwise to tell individuals is on your web site, in order that guests, whether or not they are leads or existing customers, will simply realize the data that they have to understand regarding your business throughout this unexampled time. this could be within the sort of a banner at the highest of your web site and via a lot of elaborated evergreen landing page or a diary post, that you’ll link to within the header banner, too.


We at Ipsa Technologies are following the aforementioned strategies to keep the flow of business going. Our experts are giving their level best so that the consumers face no glitch in this situation.

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