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Website designing or development requires a lot of important decision to decide. And I know they are not at all easier to take. They involve different business aspects where a minor mistake can cost you huge.

WordPress Themes can help you develop a website easily and with different options. But to hire WordPress developer India is again not an easy task. You need to have some basic ideas about the company/developer and hire the best one.

5 easy ways to hire the expert

Let’s share with you some ways to get the best company for your assistance.

Must provide responsive website

This is very important and a compulsory feature of the website, which is a crucial factor to consider for success rate gain.

Responding to calls and queries can build up a strong relationship with you customers/consumers.

If it is already responsive then you are at safe side. And if not, then do it immediately.

Deadline commitment

The company should maintain the basic deadline which they provide you for a basic WordPress website development. The time taken should complete all process until the website getting live on the online platform.

Though it is a long phase but you can check up the progress of the work with the fixed time intervals.

Volume of the Company

Basically, you must know the size of the company and should ask them about it before you hire them.

The volume of a company matters a lot as a big company can get you your website within a short period of time with higher employees’ number.

Company’s growth and performance

Before hiring the company, check out the company’s growth and market reviews. That is  very important. You can ask about their performance report which will show you how much successful they are in their work.

Even portfolio check can be done for better knowledge and practical experience.

At last, the budget

This should not be ignored at any basis. You must compare the price the company charging for your website development. Compare it with other similar quality work offered by other company- then hire the suitable one. it is one of the deciding factor in the decision-taking process.

Wrapping up

There are many WordPress development company India, who offers you the best services at affordable cost. Follow the above guidelines which will help you to get the right company for your assistance. Hope this will be helpful!

Are you a CTO in your organization? Then you must be aware of the latest 2019 trends of the website development.

But why you should be aware?

For two basic facts: one- to sustain successfully in the competition world, two- gets sharpened knowledge which will help in growing faster and earning more profit for organization.

Trends that is being followed in 2019

Have a quick glance at the trends which are ruling the designing world in the mid of this ongoing year:

  • Motion User Interface
  • Responsive websites
  • Progressive web pages
  • Accelerated mobile pages
  • Push notifications.

Know how they can be helpful or your organization

Now let’s dive into some detailed description of such features of a website:

Motion user Interface

Websites always need to be engaging and attractive. Designers make the website in such ways which will hold the professional look yet they are attractive.

Now the Motion user interface adds spice to the website with the animations or motion images. It works on JavaScript framework, hence quite flexible one to deal with. It can be played as the designers want to play them.

Responsive websites

Though it is not a brand new quality of the year 2019, it has been already in the trend since last few years. But 2019 again mentioned it to put awareness about the mobile friendly websites.

If you hire any web development services company in Kolkata, then surely you will get your website responsive ones.

Most of the users prefer the mobile or such devices to search online and continue their interactions. Hence being responsive is very important still now.

Progressive web apps

The PWA is the trendiest feature of 2019 which helps the experience of the users friendlier.

PWA is a website which offers the features like Push notifications, offline access and such other features in one shell.

Accelerated mobile pages

AMP is another latest trend of this year which has been brought for the Google’s serious note on browsing experience. It all over helps to run a website smoothly and helps in loading the pages within few seconds.

This technology is also helping in the SEO, offering higher impact on its results.

Push notifications

Again to boost the user experience, push notifications finds no substitutes. They are the only source of providing the information to the consumers or customers on time.

Let’s end up

Well, so be ready to make some of these few changes to your website by hiring the best website development company in Kolkata.

Often web designers are noticed to dig deep into the web designing process with a little more focus on the technical matters. However, a great website design is not about how you integrate the social media buttons or even slick visuals. It is more about creating website design that aligns with an overarching strategy. This is exactly what you can expect from the website design Kolkata.

A well designed website has in it much more than just aesthetics. They know how to attract more visitors, help people understand the product, tell them about the brand, and do most of the branding through a well create website. However, these kinds of website created by the web design Kolkata mostly have certain indicators like visuals, texts and interactions that make it possible for them to attract more visitors.

The process

Given below is a series of 7 steps that you can accumulate into the web designing process to generate a perfect website:

Goal identification

This is where you have to work with your client to identify the goal and try to fulfill the needs. In short, you have to try to answer to ‘what is the purpose of the website’.

Scope identification

Once you know the goals, you can define the scope of the project that is the features the site can have, the pages it can consist of and the timeline for building them.

Sitemap and wire frame creation

Now start digging into the sitemap along with the defining how the content and features that are already defined in the scope can be interrelated.

Content creation

Now that you have a rough draft already sketched in your mind, start developing content for individual pages. While creating content separately for pages, you have keep in mind the search engine optimization to help keep pages focused to a single topic.

Visual elements

The visual elements will depend more on the client and thereby will vary from person to person. If needed, you can make use of certain tools as well.


Since you have got your pages ready at hand, it is now time to check whether the pages created are workable. Combine manual browsing of the site to get better results.


Once you see everything working as per your set plan, it is time to launch and introduce your site to the whole world.


With the steady growth of economy, various trades of either big or small dimension have appeared on the screen, especially with a scaling desire to promote the ‘online’ mantra in order to benefit the mass on a larger scale. One such is “WordPress”, which is not only cost effective but awesome in the realm of trade and commerce.

History and Analysis:

“WordPress” is comparatively a recent foray in the business world. Founded by Matt Mullen and Mike Little on 27 May 2003, the ‘step’ has a quality improvement by leaps and bounds. And at present it is a free and open- source content management system based on PHP and MYSQL. Though it is primarily connected with blogging, it supports other types of web content including traditional mailing lists, forum, media galleries and online stores. It stores content, create and publish web pages. In fact it required an apt domain and a hosting site to function in a proper manner.

Themes and Business Encouragement:

The themes are arranged and designed using WordPress standards using PHP, valid HTML and CSS. However, there are two categories viz free and premium and available from market places. But individual WordPress developers can create their own custom themes. On the other hand, it also encourage in business development by following a few easy steps: First, log in to your hosting account. Secondly, visit the control panel; look for WordPress or website icon. Finally choose the domain where you want to install website. It is really awesome and super powerful in creating web pages. It is astounding to note that WordPress users include tutorials, guides, videos, e books and others. In other words, a huge community is involved to boost up the WordPress business arena!

Its huge popularity is evident from the fact that nearly 60 million websites are using it in a quite effective manner. The reasons are obvious. It is easy to install. It may appear to be daunting at the very outset, but in reality it is the most simplified process ever used. And above all doesn’t involve a huge financial investment. Thus it can be stated with confidence that the future is really bright and more dimensions are going to evolve in the world of WordPress and if the ‘track’ is widened a bit, it can even push aside the so called the ‘print world’ journalism in the accepted sense of term.


It is always a common aspect for online businesses to redesign and reform their website once in a while for some reason or another. Web design is a very important thing for facilitating a company’s performance. A website design of standard quality can have a huge impression on most areas of digital marketing strategy, so it is important to consider the various factors in combination with one another.

The design of your company’s website actually makes a difference on how your target customers view your business and how you turn them into your customers through impressive user interface.The website should be so designed that it has good content covering relevant information about the company and enough functionality to invite visitors.

Let Us Look at Some of The Reasons Why Web Designing is Important for a Business:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This is one of the biggest reasons for web design to improve their ranking online. As users start reading the web page from extreme top left area, skilled web designers give more stress on putting necessary information there. Utilizing the visible areas of the website can also improve the Search Engine Optimization.
  • Customer Service and Trust: Your website is the digital face of your company. A well designed website undoubtedly helps to make happy customers, user friendly interface and easy accessible for the prospective client base. Humans tend to believe in visual creations, so an updated and graphically designed websites sets the basis for a lasting relationship between the company and the user.
  • Conversion Rate: It is the percentage of visitors to your site converting into your customers. A properly planned web design page plays a key role in not only grabbing the attention of the visitors but also transforming the visitor into customers. By measuring customer conversion rates, you will be able to find out if your page is influencing visitors to take the action you want them to take like providing feedback, purchasing product or hiring a service. More the conversion rates, the better is your web design and effective in reaching to qualified prospects.
  • Brand Uniformity: Your trademark or brand is what makes you stand apart from your competitors, and it is typically identified through a business logo. If your business has an exclusive logo that is for getting consistency in your web design for your target audience to recognize your business brand. If there are slight changes made in your brand or visual communication, then it can lead to confusion among your customers about the performance of your business.

Nowadays, most business enterprises have developed their respective websites with the objective of becoming more accessible for their customers. With the help of properly designed website, business owners are able to generate a user-friendly online environment for users to access updated information any time of the day. Having a well-arranged website helps people to rely on your company’s products and services.