Privacy Policy

To safe your privacy is one of our major concerns in the business. We fairly deal with our clients, keeping the interest of their privacy. We take all necessary and legal measures to prevent any kind of leakage or illegal disclosure of confidential documents.

  • Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA):Before we commence on a particular project a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) is signed to adhere to legal as well as personal privacy policies. We guarantee the safety/security of your data being sent to us for marking up. Clients are requested to cooperate with us signing the agreement for better business understandings.
  • Your personal information is safe:The personal informations you have to provide (source file, email address and other details) during a project are completely kept secret to avoid spam. We don’t resell your project or manipulate them by any illegal means. We condemn the policy of sharing files and information to third parties. Understanding the value of your project and money we strictly keep your information secret.

The privacy policy of us may be adjusted at any time without due consent of the clients. We urge to review our policies frequently to avail the best possible services.


The content of the site is liable to alter without any prior notice. It also may contain factual and typographical errors. We have no association with other sites expect Ipsa Technologies. The sites through which you may have come to know of us have no involvement with us thus we are not liable for any kind of business damage to your site.

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